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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Husky Talk: A Different View

Former MTU captain Colin Murphy and family

Welcome back all Michigan College Hockey fans! We once again get ready for a great season of college hockey. I am beyond excited for the season to start. I had an interview with MTU's ex-captain Colin Murphy (CM) a while back. Murphy is with the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and looking forward to the upcoming year. I asked him a bit about the AHL and also what he thought of this year's Huskies.

(MCH) What do you think of the incoming class this year at Michigan Tech? If you had to choose one, which one will have the quickest and biggest impact?

I'm not too familiar with the incoming freshman this year at MTU. I know the coaching staff did a great job recruiting and that the freshman class is going to be pretty strong. If I had to choose one I would say Rob Nolan will have a major impact in net this year for the Huskies. He's an Alberta kid and heard a lot of great things about him.

(MCH) Do you have any plans on returning throughout the year to watch the Huskies?

(CM) I will always be following the Huskies after every weekend. With my schedule as a pro, I'm not too sure I'll have the time to get back too see them play. Maybe I can get down to the GLI as Detroit is only three hours away from Toronto. You always remember what got you to where you are today, as far as Michigan Tech goes I will be a fan of the program, players and staff for many years.

(MCH) What do you think is a realistic finish for the Huskies this year?

(CM) The WCHA is a very tough league. In order for the Huskies to finish in the top five and gain home ice advantage for playoffs they will have to work very hard to accomplish that goal together. But I definitely think they can reach home ice for the playoffs. From there anything is possible.

(MCH) I see that you are re-united with Brett Engelhardt. Have you had the opportunity to play with or against other teammates yet?

(CM) It was nice to see a familiar face in a brand new atmosphere. It is tough switching teams ina matter of a week and Brett made my transition a lot easier. I dont think I have played against any other teammates yet, but I'm sure next year that oppurtunity will be there.

(MCH) What is the biggest difference between NCAA and AHL?

(CM) The biggest difference between the NCAA and the AHL is first of all the age and maturity of the players. The pro game is a fast pace game where you dont have alot of time to make decisions with the puck. You must know in advance where your going with it before the puck gets to you. As far as the speed of the game I think the NCAA is a very competitiveand fast game. The players in NCAA work very hard with thier respective programs that get them into shape together. The NCAA prepares you in every way to make that jump to the next level whether it be the NHL, AHL, ECHL, UHL, CHL. The good thing about the pro game is no face shields and you can fight without getting suspended. I'm sure a lot of college players look forward to that after being dry for four years of college.

(MCH) I saw that you were in a fight in one of your early games last year, did you win?

(CM) Suprisingly I did get into a few fights and did fairly well. Not being in a fight since junior I was a little hestitant to drop the gloves. Luckly the first guy was a lot smaller and probably not much of a fighter.

(MCH) Will we see you in the NHL this year?

(CM) Good question. Obviously, I am doing all I can this summer to become bigger, faster and stronger. I have been up in Houghton training with a few guys and the strength coach at Tech and am starting to make great strides. Whether or not it will be good enough to get the NHL this year is up to the management in Toronto. I will be at camp in mid-September and will do all I can to accomplish my dream. If I end up in the AHL thats fine, it gives me another year to adjust to the pro game and prepare for the NHL if that time comes.

Good luck to Colin Murphy and all his teammates and we hope to see him in the NHL. Look for a little preview of MTU hockey next week and more interviews as the year goes on. If you have any ideas for my Husky Talk write-ups, please Email me.

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