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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Husky Talk: Teslak - Emerging as No. 1

It has been a long time since the last Husky Talk, but Michigan Tech beat writer Andy Bourdeau is back on track.

"I think it is a good idea for the fans to get a different perspective of players on Michigan Tech," stated Bourdeau.

This week, Andy was able to get a little time and ask the emerging No. 1 goalie of the Huskies some questions. Michael Lee Teslak (MLT) has six wins on the year, including a sweep at UMD last weekend and a record-setting performance at the Great Lakes Invitational last month.

(MCH) What is the biggest difference between juniors and NCAA?

As a goaltender in this league, you have to make the big save a lot. Earlier, I wasn't doing that and I was getting scored on four or five times a game. Also, the speed of what's happening is much quicker than that of when I played in the BCHL. The speed of the players, the speed and releases of shots are all quicker.

(MCH) What has been the hardest and easiest goalie experiences in your first year?

At times when things were not going so well, it was tough. We weren't scoring or winning and I wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be. Confidence was low and getting out of that slump was tough. The easiest experience was the start of the season. The first couple of games I played I was supported very well by my coaches and teammates.

(MCH) What has been your best memory so far?

Playing at the Joe (Joe Louis Arena) has been my best memory so far. The games there were very intense and I really liked the atmosphere. For my whole career, winning the BCHL championship is the only major thing I've won, so that is my most memorable moment.

(MCH) You have emerged as the No. 1 goalie on the team. Is having a guy like (Robbie) Nolan there to push you a help in your continual improvement?

From Junior A and on, I have always been a No. 1 goalie, but never played much more than the other goalie on the team. I've always had another good goalie on my team, so I think that has a lot to do with what I've accomplished. There was always a goalie there who could take the job away from me so to keep it. I had to keep getting better and playing well at all times. Definetely the push was there and helped me out down the line.

(MCH) What are your expected personal goals for the remainder of this year?

I want to be very consistant from here on out. Getting up for games is one thing I want to keep going because lately I've become more excited for a game and it has helped out a lot. I would like to continue making the big save or saves to win a game for my team.

(MCH) What is a resonable expectation for the team this year?

Finish off strong here for the last 12 games. We'd like to finish fifth in the WCHA and have home ice for playoffs.

(MCH) Who has been the best player that you have played against so far?

There has been a few. Every team has their top player or players and they're all really good. Against me, I found Denvers' top line to be very good with (Gabe) Gauthier, (Paul) Stastny, and (Ryan) Dingle and also CCs' (Marty) Sertich, (Brett) Sterling, and (Joey) Crabb.

(MCH) Is there anyone on the team that is able to score on you on a regular basis?

(MLT) (laughing)
Chris Conner always comes down on breakaways all practice on me and he used to score a lot, lately I've figured him out and have been stopping him.

Teslak will bring his modest two-game winning streak into this weekend's series against Alaska-Anchorage. MTU will need to keep the winning going to continue their path out of the basement of the WCHA. MTU (5-10-1) is currently tied for eighth, but only two points out of sixth.


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Excellent interview! Nice to see something a bit different

Pierre said...

Something different? This is the best site out there. I like the interview though too.

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I agree, great job with the interview. Keep the Husky Talk coming.