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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MiCHO Power Poll 11.28.06

The Michigan Wolverines stretched their winning streak to seven games before falling to top-ranked Minnesota at the College Hockey Showcase. Wins early in the week over Michigan State and Wisconsin have the Maize and Blue on top of our weekly MiCHO Power Poll for the fourth straight week.

1) Michigan, 11-4-0 (beat MSU & Wisconsin, lost to Minnesota)
2) Michigan State, 6-6-1 (lost to U-M, Minnesota and Wisconsin)
3) Northern Michigan, 7-6-2 (idle)
4) Lake Superior State, 8-5-1 (one point at Alaska)
5) Michigan Tech, 6-4-2 (idle)
6) Western Michigan, 5-6-1 (lost at FSU on Tuesday)
7) Ferris State, 4-8-1 (shutout WMU)
8) Wayne State, 3-10-0 (split at No. 12 Cornell)

Each week, editors Matt Mackinder and Tom Balog will compile the MiCHO Power Poll. The poll will comprise the eight Division I teams in the state of Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for a Tech Turd to complain...

BulldogNick said...

Tech? Screw them WCHA guys. I want to know why FSU is at 7???? We just waxed WMU. Don't that mean we better?

Shirtless Guy said...

Tech Turd?
Tell me what Michigan State did to deserve to stay #2?
They went 0-3-0 on the week and fell to .500 overall and yet they stay #2? Michigan Tech is better than LSSU, NMU and MSU. Michigan St should have dropped but for some reason you turds that make this poll decided they are still better than NMU and MTU? I just don't get it, actually I do, the CCHA is a crap league with a bunch of crap teams and no one sees how great a year MTU is having because they are playing in the WCHA. Getting swept in CC doesn't look so bad now like originally thought.

Michigan Tech has lost 4 games, splitting with #20 NMU (which I still don't understand why they are on the USCHO Poll), 1 @ #8 Denver, and 2 @ #15 Colorado College. By that standard, we have beaten who we should have including still being undefeated at Home. NMU has lost to bottomfeeders like WMU, UMD, OSU and UW. LSSU has lost to OSU, Clarkson and BGSU. I don't see any way someone could consider MTU below either or both of those teams based on this season. Obvious history is playing a role with everyone's judgement but its still crap

Anonymous said...

Hey Shirtless Guy,

Let's see your poll. Oh wait, it'll be the one with a picture at the top of your lips wrapped around Jamie Russell's unit.

You don't like the poll? Fine. Maybe I don't agree with it either.

You WCHA clones are all the same - We have the best league, the best bars, best burgers, etc.

This is just a poll. Get over yourself and go wipe your mouth.

Go Blue!!!!!!

Andy Bourdeau said...

Name calling and the comment about Jamie Russell can not be tolerated here. We are very happy that this is bringing discussion, but we can not have rude comments.

The pole is something fun that Tom and Matt put together. If you look at the poles used in Football, they do not always make sense, and in any pole, you base some of the early season rankings on past performances.

Thank you all for the comments and reading of this site!

Letestu4Hobey? said...

Hey Anonymous, way to hide behind the no-name tag!

Hey Shirtless, nice blinders. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion if it matches yours. You've got some great points, honestly some great points, but you sound as wacko as Anony for attacking people.

When I first read this poll i understood it to be for fun. Sure, it looks a little screwy from my perspective. I'm a Western Grad and if the Broncs aren't on top (have they ever been) then I'm pissed.

This poll isn't going to determine who goes to the NCAA's or even who buys drinks at the bar.

Step back, take a breath, and enjoy it.

Shirtless Guy said...

ok Letestu4hobey?
Why am I wacko?
Because I think a 6-4-2 MTU is better than a 6-6-1 MSU?
I gave my reasons, I stated facts
I realize I am biased being that I am the biggest fan MTU has but that doesn't change the fact that MTU has done some great things this year and that Tom and Matt won't admit that yet because of how crappy MTU has been the last 20 years or so...polls should be about now, not history. MTU is playing great hockey this year, they haven't allowed 30 SOG in a single game yet this year, have the least GAA of any of the Michigan Schools and the 2nd best scoring margin in the state. How many more stats do I have to bring up to get MTU some respect?

Anonymous said...

I think from now on, the Shirtless Guy will have final say on the poll.

MTU is having a great year, but why are you so damn concerned about this poll?

Does this poll validate the Huskies year so far? Will it make more people Huskies fans? Will it change a possible run for the NCAA Tourney?

No, no, and no.

Letestu4Hobey? said...'s the USCHO Poll

1 Minnesota (40) 12-1-2
2 New Hampshire 9-2-1
3 Maine 8-3-1
4 Miami 11-5-0
5 Notre Dame 10-3-1
6 Michigan 11-4-0 58
7 Boston College 7-4-1
8 Denver 9-4-1
9 Boston University 5-2-4
10 St. Cloud State 6-3-3
11 North Dakota 7-6-1
12 Michigan State 6-6-1
13 Cornell 7-3-0 29
14 Alaska 6-2-4
15 Colorado College 8-5-1
16 Yale 6-2-1
17 Dartmouth 5-3-2
18 Vermont 7-4-1
19 Massachusetts 6-3-1
20 Northern Michigan 7-6-2

Others Receiving Votes: Quinnipiac 49, Clarkson 38, Niagara 38, St. Lawrence 37, Alaska-Anchorage 35, Wisconsin 28, Michigan Tech 22, Lake Superior 8, Rensselaer 5, Sacred Heart 5

So basically the only change is LSSU and MTU who are ranked 27th and 28th on the widely accepted poll. I hope you're going ballistic on their boards too.