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Friday, November 10, 2006

Wayne State has eyes for the future - CCHA?

From today's small CHA notebook on Inside College Hockey ...

Wayne's (New) World?:

The rumor mill has been filled with rumblings of Wayne State's program being in jeopardy, but the Warriors instead are looking ahead.

"There is no secret," said Wayne State coach Bill Wilkinson. "We are making efforts trying to join, and would rather be in, the CCHA. This coming year would be ideal, but next year would be okay, too.

"In order to make hockey work here, we need to play teams that our fans recognize. It's not on the table yet, but we will be putting forward a proposal and we'll see what happens.

"I think most of the teams in our conference understood from the beginning that this league would be teams in and teams out as schools found a good fit for their programs. I know our looking to make the move will put a crimp on other teams in the conference, but just like with Air Force moving to join Army in Atlantic (Hockey), each team needs to do what's best for their program."

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