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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MiCHO Power Poll 2.20.2008

Another week and another No. 1 ranking for the nation’s top-ranked team as the Michigan Wolverines remain the cream of the crop in the MiCHO Power Poll.

The Wolverines swept Lake Superior State at Yost Ice Arena last weekend to maintain their grip as the state’s most dominant team.

Michigan State stays at No. 2 after taking both ends of a home-and-home series with Western Michigan.

Ferris State moves from No. 4 to No. 3 after defeating then-No. 2 Miami on the road last weekend in convincing fashion.

Last week’s third-ranked team, Northern Michigan, gets bumped to No. 4 after splitting with Ohio State.

All other spots remain the same as last week.

Complete Poll

1) Michigan, 25-3-4 (swept Lake Superior)
2) Michigan State, 20-8-5 (swept Western Michigan)
3) Ferris State, 13-12-5 (swept No. 2 Miami)
4) Northern Michigan, 13-16-3 (split with Ohio State)
5) Michigan Tech, 11-14-3 (split with No. 12 UMD)
6) Wayne State, 9-21-2 (split at UAH)
7) Lake Superior, 6-18-6 (swept by No. 1 Michigan)
8) Western Michigan, 7-22-3 (swept by No. 8 Michigan State)

Each week, editors Matt Mackinder and Tom Balog will compile the MiCHO Power Poll. The poll will comprise the eight Division I teams in the state of Michigan.


Stan Gable said...

Doesn't LSSU get points for showing up against Michigan? Let's face it - all us UP fans always think we get screwed by the refs when in fact, maybe we just are in denial that our teams for the most part totaly suck. OK, Burrill, chime in with your two cents.

Knob Fournier said...

Hahahahahahaha! That is good stuff!

Go Wayne State! Hold onto that 6th place ranking! If you move up, your program will be saved. I won't kill it just because I'm not a hockey guy.

Michael Burrill said...'re living proof that supporting a winning team doesn't make you any less of a loser. Being a fare-weather fan won't change your pathetic life.