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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adrian honored by Michigan Senate

Compiled by MiCHO Staff

The Adrian College men's team has received many awards and honors this season, but perhaps none were bigger than today's latest acknowledgement by the state of Michigan.

The state of Michigan presented head coach Ron Fogarty and the team a formal proclamation honoring the team in the state senate chamber in Lansing this morning. Senator Cameron Brown representing the 16th District, including Lenawee County, spoke about the achievements of the first-year program and went on to say that the team has made the area proud both on and off the ice.

"This is an unbelieveable experience," said Fogarty. "I could not have imagined this back in October when our season began. I've been told by several people this morning that this type of thing does not happen very often and especially in the Division III ranks."

Coach Fogarty and team captain Adam Krug addressed the senate upon receiving the certificate from senator Brown. Both spoke of the pride they had in receiving such a prestigious honor.

"Growing up in Livonia this is a big deal for me," said Krug. "It has been a very successful year for the team and I'm glad we get to step on the ice next year together and finish our goals."

Joining Fogarty and Krug on the floor were assistant coach Matt Nicholson and alternate team captains Jeremy Klaver, Mike Towns and Quinn Waller.

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pissed in MoTown said...

Total and complete bullshit by the Senate. Thanks for helping out Wayne State you jackasses.