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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Corey Tropp reinstated by Spartans

Compiled by MiCHO Staff

Michigan State hockey coach Rick Comley has announced that sophomore Corey Tropp has been reinstated to the Spartan hockey program, effective immediately. Tropp had been suspended for his role in an on-ice incident in a Jan. 25 game at Michigan and on Jan. 26 was suspended for the remainder of the 2008-09 season.

"I feel Corey deserves to rejoin the team," noted Comley. "When we suspended him, we said that we would discuss his status at the end of the season. Corey paid a considerable price for his actions - actions which were out of character and not representative of how he had carried himself as a student-athlete in our program up to that point. We believe that this was an isolated incident, and it is time for him to get back with the team as we begin our preparations for next season."

"I support Corey's reinstatement," added Director of Athletics Mark Hollis. "We feel strongly that our student-athletes should have respect for the game, respect for their opponent, and a commitment to fair play. While Corey made a mistake, he was held accountable for those actions, and has met Coach Comley's expectations and benchmarks for reinstatement. In my conversations with Corey, I believe he has learned some important life lessons from this unfortunate incident. We have respect for how he navigated this process, and I look forward to seeing him in a Michigan State uniform again.

"Michigan State University provides a positive environment for students to learn and engage in new experiences. Along with this opportunity comes the expectations that individuals will act appropriately and make positive contributions to our campus and community. As we stated at the time, and will continue to reinforce throughout the athletic department, individuals who stray from this responsibility will be held accountable. Corey has paid that price, and it is time for all of us to move forward and support him and the rest of the hockey program as they look to rebound from what has been a difficult season."

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