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Friday, July 31, 2009

DSC Line hopes for D-I spots at OU

By Corey Hagood

Known as the DSC Line, Oakland University Division III forwards Kyle Doan, Mike Simpson and Ryan Candela see the upcoming Oakland University hockey camp as a big opportunity to not only attempt to make the D-I team, but to showcase the depth of the Oakland hockey organization.

The line registered 52 goals and 111 points in D-III last season.

“It's always been my goal as a hockey player at Oakland to play on the Division 1 team,” Candela stated. “I want to be a part of the winning tradition and hopefully help bring the school a Division 1 national championship. I really feel like this year’s group will have a chance to be special and I would love to be a part of it.”

The group has been working hard in the gym and on the ice to stay in condition.

“Candela, Simpson and myself lift at the rec center and on off days I’ve been skating in leagues and drop-in to stay sharp on the ice,” Doan stated.

Candela knows the D-I staff is looking for dedicated, talented and hardworking players at this weekend's camp.

"I started training for the D-I camp the day after our D-III season ended," said Candela.

Coming into an Oakland hockey camp out of shape and unprepared is something Simpson never wants to repeat.

“I realized how out of shape I was after the first camp my sophomore year after not playing for a year," Simpson said. "I know now that you have to make a very good effort to keep yourself in hockey shape during the summer in order to keep the same pace of play for the whole weekend. It’s a long weekend packed with a lot of hockey, which can be tiresome if you haven’t played in a while.

“I have never been the most talented player on the ice, but I am a smart player who can set up plays and make good passes."

Doan understands the importance that the D-III team brings to Oakland hockey and that it is important to work hard no matter where you end up.

“It would mean that the hard work has paid off at the D-III level and that I can prove myself at the next level," Doan said.

New Grizzlies head coach Jeremy Bachusz will have plenty of talent to evaluate this weekend as he assembles a roster that fits his coaching philosophy.

The Oakland hockey staff views this camp as the first step to continue the tradition of excellence of the program while starting the 2009-2010 season off on a good note.

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