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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

LIVE BLOG: Michigan State vs. RPI

Matt Mackinder/At The GLI

Pre-game and Joe College is skating around on the ice and I'm going deaf from some song about "welcome to the masquerade." Seriously, this sound system is about 400 decibels too effing loud!


Michigan State - Grant, Sucharski, Tropp, Petry, Krug, Palmisano
RPI - Angers-Goulet, Pirri, O'Grady, Kennedy, Merth, Merriam


The crowd is hot. Surprised York isn't in net for RPI, though.

1:30 Gazley goes low to take out Cullen along the boards. More action already than we had for much of last game.

The pizza was delicious, by the way.

6:44 Still scoreless and I forgot - TV timeouts. The in-game host was just throwing pizzas in the crowd.

And hey, Michigan Hockey editor Phil Colvin has arrived. Game time was 7:30, Philster!

8:33 Good, solid pace to this game, but still no goals. Shots are 6-1 RPI.

8:56 Helfrich for tripping. State to the power play.

10:30 Power play just isn't clicking ....

10:55 ... until Forfar roofs one past Merriam from the side of the net with one second left. 1-0 MSU.

14:28 Gazley with a bank shot off Merriam. 2-0 State. York in net now. Kid should have started.

End of 1 - Shots 12-5 MSU.

Some fan just won a GPS for diving on a garbage bag at center ice. I'm not kidding.


3:15 Chelios with a nice move to spot MSU a 3-0 lead. You'll never see his old man with a move like that, however.

This is actually a great game. Arena is maybe half-full, but those that are here are not seeing the Spartans of last season. And that's a good thing.

7:20 If RPI could hit the net, this might be a hockey game.

9:08 Foss goes for a trip. MSU needs to put this game out of reach.

Now an in-game promo for a free haircut. Yes, a free haircut.

11:30 Good pace. Palmisano with a good save on Pirri.

11:51 RPI gets one back as Cullen rips one past Palmisano.

12:00 Kerins then bids for a second goal, but goalpost prevented that. Good thing, because Palmisano was beaten cleanly.

13:23 Golembiewski gets mugged behind the net after his shot is covered by York. Come on, RPI. Give it a rest.

19:55 Still a great pace and a heckuva game. Philster's calling it a night.

19:27 Petry makes it 4-1 with a fat freaking rebound off a Tropp shot.

Shots 25-16 Sparty.

Someone in the press box has B.O. Perhaps it is I. Hang on...nope, not me.

Talk in the press box now involves hands down pants and shoving that hand into unsuspecting people's grills. Wonder if Andy Samberg reads MiCHO?

Tom Anastos is making his way into the press box. And a Happy New Year to you as well, sir!


:17 State is flying out of the gate, but Sucharski gets called for slashing. Takes Kennedy with him for hooking, though.

1:38 Burgdoerfer off for hooking - 5-on-3 for about 30 seconds.

4:00 Josepher for a slash.

4:12 Tropp for delay of game. Didn't see it - was daydreaming.

6:12 MSU kills the 5-on-3 and pretty handily, too.

7:32 Polacek for ... embellishment??? Crandall from MSU for holding.

Embellishment. What's next? Two minutes for coughing without covering your mouth? Two minutes for running? Two minutes for sharting?

10:21 MSU again. This time, Perlini picks up a loose puck and beats York.

10:25 Tropp (slash) and Helfrich (unsportsmanlike) both go. Six PIMs for Tropp? Dude should be scoring, not sitting. Then again, it doesn't look like this game will go south at any time.

14:00 Getting ready to head down to play post-game photographer with Karl.

Hit the john on my way down and let me just say that the bathroom smells better than the stairwells going down to the service level.

MSU got a late goal to win the game, 6-1. My feeling is Brett Perlini as tourney MVP. That seemed to be the consensus in the press box.

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