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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MiCHO Power Poll 03.03.10

By completing an eight-place turnaround in the CCHA standings, Michigan State stays atop this week's MiCHO Power Poll after beating and tying Bowling Green last weekend to close out the regular season.

The Spartans finished 10th last season, but improved to a second place finish this year and earned a first round bye in the CCHA playoffs.

Ferris State, fresh off two ties with Western Michigan last weekend, remains No. 2 in the poll.

Michigan split with Notre Dame to keep a grip on the third spot this week.

The Northern Michigan Wildcats swept Lake Superior State and keep hold of No. 4, also the same place they finished in the CCHA.

LSSU (No. 5), Western (No. 6) and Michigan Tech (No. 7) round-out the rest of the poll this week.

Next week's poll will be the final MiCHO Power Poll of the season.

1) Michigan State (beat, tied Bowling Green)
2) Ferris State (tied Western Michigan twice)
3) Michigan (split with Notre Dame)
4) Northern Michigan (swept Lake Superior State)
5) Lake Superior State (swept by Northern Michigan)
6) Western Michigan (tied Ferris State twice)
7) Michigan Tech (swept by Wisconsin)

Each week during the regular season, staffers will compile the MiCHO Power Poll. Contrary to popular belief, there is no coin flip involved. The poll comprises the seven Division I teams in the state of Michigan.


Anonymous said...

How is Michigan third behind Northern? NMU split at Yost two weeks ago and has a stellar record since mid-Decemeber. Michigan sucks this year and can't even finish the season sweeping a poor ND squad. Seventh place in the CCHA is the third best team in the state? The people voting on this are either stupid or extremely biased.

Anonymous said...

As if this poll means anything - it's not "recognized" like USCHO, USA Today or any of the others. Maybe the voters are stupid or extremely biased, but by you suggesting NMU should be higher, that simply shows you are a sheltered Yooper with your head in the igloo. said...

If you want to be taken seriously, stop posting as a pansy ass "Anonymous". When your candy ass Wildcats bow out in round one, please feel free to go back into your dorm room, do some bong hits, and grab a dictionary so you can learn to spell. After that, see if you've grown a pair and can actually put down your name.

BTW, even though you're a wuss and hide behind the Anon tag, my real name and e-mail is attached.

Suck it!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a nap.