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Friday, April 09, 2010

West tops East, 10-6, in Skills Challenge

By Karl Henkel/At the Frozen Four

Detroit -- The State of Michigan had six representatives — including Wayne State women’s coach Jim Fetter — that participated in the NCAA Skills Competition at Ford Field Friday night.

The West won, 10-6, thanks in part to former Wayne State goaltender Lindsey Park’s victory in the rapid shot competition, which consisted of eight shots fired in succession at the goaltender.

“She showed why she’s one of our better goaltenders,” Fetter said of Park. “Just looking at the smile on her face, it’s a great way to finish her career at the collegiate level. Just seeing the smile on her face is what it’s all about.”

Park said just participating was enough for her.

“It was a lot of fun and it’s a great thing for women’s hockey to come and compete on a stage like this,” she said. “We don’t necessarily always get the recognition. I think it’s nice for even young girls and boys to see the talent that’s coming through women’s hockey.”

Other Michigan participants, all on the West squad, included Nick Sucharski (Michigan State), Zac MacVoy (Lake Superior State) and Pat Inglis (Lake Superior State). Tom Newton (Michigan State) also coached the West team.

After the teams split the puck control relay, the East took both points in the fastest skater event and then took two of three in the hardest shot contest. Thanks to Park, the West took all three in the rapid shot, then swept the accuracy shot before outscoring the East, 2-1, in the shootout.

Pictures by Karl Henkel/MiCHO

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