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Monday, August 16, 2010

MTU in Europe

Michigan Tech jumped on a plane and took the 2009-2010 squad to Europe for a trip that includes 5 exhibition games against Austria and German professional teams. Under NCAA guidelines, a team is able to take a trip like this every 4 years, this is Michigan Tech's first.

They have completed 3 of their 5 scheduled games and are 1-2-0, scoring a 3-0 victory in the first game, then losing 0-2 and finally falling 2-5 in the last game. The games can be recapped at the 'Huskies in Europe' blog, Click Here for the Link.

Scoring for the Huskies in these games are Brett Olsen, Aaron Pietila (2), Anthony Schooley, and Steven Siego. Other big action was a glove dropping brawl between Karl Neilson and an enforcer from Augsbeurger.
John Kivisto recevied the MVP of the tournament (Jokers Cup) and MTU took 3rd of 4 teams. They will be playing two more games on this trip, before returning to Houghton and prepping for the Superior Showcase.

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