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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WCHA, CCHA schools meet in Chicago

CCHA Press Release

Members of the WCHA and the CCHA met jointly today in Chicago, working from an agenda that included sharing information about each other, engaging in productive discussions about the challenges that each institution and each conference face, and seeking common ground to work together for the betterment of the parties involved and of college hockey in general.

In issuing a joint statement, WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod and CCHA commissioner Fred Pletsch said, “This was an important and productive meeting, for all involved parties. We asked everyone in attendance to be open, honest and frank in discussing their concerns, hopes and visions for the future of their respective programs. We recognize that where there is change there is also opportunity. We plan to continue our discussions in the future and to continue to explore all options.

“One crucial thing that came out of the joint meeting today was the word ‘commitment.' All of these institutions are totally committed to fielding the most competitive and successful programs possible and to provide the best possible experience for their student-athletes.”

Topics discussed in the joint meeting agenda included sharing of institutional and hockey program information (including financial, facilities, community support, staffing and travel), scheduling and championship scenarios, and membership and league affiliation (including league size, automatic qualifiers, etc).

In attendance at the joint meeting were administrators from the University of Alaska-Anchorage, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Bemidji State University, Bowling Green State University, Ferris State University, Lake Superior State University, Michigan Tech University, Minnesota State University, Northern Michigan University, St. Cloud State University and Western Michigan University.

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Michael David said...

Interesting that Western was represented. Makes you wonder if they are contemplating staying in the CCHA. Personally, I'd like to see the CCHA dissolve--send FSU, LSSU, and UAF to the WCHA and WMU and BGSU (MAC schools) to the NCHC.