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Thursday, July 28, 2005

NHL Draft rankings have Michigan flavor

Incoming Michigan defenseman Jack Johnson

With the NHL Entry Draft coming up Saturday in Ottawa, several Michigan college players are ranked to be selected by the 30 NHL clubs in the final rankings put out by the NHL last week.

Incoming Michigan defenseman Jack Johnson is the highest-rated college or college-bound player as he holds down the No. 4 spot. Michigan State recruit Justin Abdelkader, a forward, is ranked at the end of the first round at No. 25.

The rest of the ranked college or college-bound Michigan players:

56. Jason Bailey, F, Michigan (incoming)
63. Andrew Cogliano, F, Michigan (incoming)
78. T.J. Hensick, F, Michigan
89. Phil Axtell, F, Michigan Tech ('06-07)
99. Zach MacVoy, F, Michigan (incoming)
133. Ray Kaunisto, F, Northern Michigan ('06-07)
140. Tim Miller, F, Michigan (incoming)
144. Tim Crowder, F, Michigan State (incoming)
162. Tim Kennedy, F, Michigan State (incoming)
163. Brandon Gentile, D, Michigan State (incoming)
169. Chris Clackson, F, Western Michigan ('06-07)
173. Paul Szczechura, F, Western Michigan
194. Chris Mueller, F, Michigan State
209. Steve Silver, D, Western Michigan (incoming)
239. Julian Zamparo, D, Western Michigan (incoming)

27. Steve Jakiel, Michigan ('06-07)
29. Michael-Lee Teslak, Michigan Tech (incoming)

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Brian said...

a note: the CSB rankings are split between Euro and NA players, so realistically Abdelkader is somewhere in the second and everyone else is correspondingly lower. (Which makes those rankings even dumber, since they imply that Hensick/Cogliano are fifth or sixth rounders.)