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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MiCHO Power Poll 11.05.08

The Michigan Wolverines are the new No. 1 team in the MiCHO Power Poll after their two wins last weekend over Ohio State.

Michigan State goes to No. 2 after beating Western Michigan in regulation and in a shootout.

The rest of the poll also saw changes as Ferris State moved up to No. 3 and Northern Michigan dropped to No. 5. Every other team remains the same.

Complete Poll

1) Michigan, 6-2-0 (swept Ohio State)
2) Michigan State, 4-2-2 (swept Western Michigan)
3) Ferris State, 3-3-2 (split with Lake Superior)
4) Michigan Tech, 2-4-0 (split with Alaska-Anchorage)
5) Northern Michigan, 2-5-1 (swept by Notre Dame)
6) Lake Superior, 2-3-1 (split with Ferris State)
7) Western Michigan, 1-6-1 (swept by Michigan State)

Each week, editors Matt Mackinder and Tom Balog will compile the MiCHO Power Poll. The poll will comprise the seven Division I teams in the state of Michigan.


Anti A2 said...

Typical U of M slappi-ism. Sparty wins two and gets moved down while the wolferurines win two and move up.

Anonymous said...

MSU technically won one and tied one. Take your green goggles off and go burn a couch or something.

Anti A2 said...

do they count as 2 wins? yes, so back away from the spider bong you anne arbor troll. MSU is going to roll your clowns this year.

Anonymous said...

No, they count as ties. That's why Michigan State is 4-2-2. That last 2 is for the two ties. Learn how to spell ANN ARBOR, too. MSU - Can't Read, Can't Write.

Anti A2 said...

Aww, that's bullshit. More CCHA games designed to help Michigan. They won both. We all know it.

Anti A2 said...

Btw...what kind of pansy ass move is it to post as Anonymous. You Wolferurines too scared to use your real name or just too dumb to make one up?